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The Happy Planner Series: Accessories

Welcome, my crafty planner friends! This is my second installment to my Happy Planner Series. Today I want to talk about the accessories that you can buy for your Happy Planner. So here we go……

Sticker Books



MAMBI has created sticker books in which you can decorate your planner yet keep it functional. The sticker books are themed and cost $19.99 at most craft stores. I am able to purchase these books for under $10.00 when you use a coupon and combine it when the sticker books are on sale. The stickers fit well in the classic size planner but there are some sticker books that are made for the large size planner.

If you are looking for cheaper planner stickers, you need to check out the Recollections brand at Michael’s.  They are more affordable and seem to be on sale more often.  Not to mention, I have some planner stickers up in my store. Check it out!

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MAMBI has a variety highlighters that you can use to highlight and decorate your planner with.

Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas

Elastic bands


MAMBI has beautiful and very cute elastic bands to use on your mini and classic size Happy Planners. These elastic bands keep everything together! These elastics are sold in Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby for about $4.99.

Image Credit: CraftMore

Magnetic clips



Keep your spot with MAMBI’s magnetic bookmark clips. These bookmarks can be used on your mini, classic, or big Happy Planners. These magnetic bookmark clips are sold in Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby for about $4.99.

Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas and Suzy Stick It

Premium Planner Covers



If you want to go all out with your Happy Planner cover, try using one of the premium planner covers. They come in a variety of colors with cute little sayings in the front of them. They have covers for the mini, classic, and big Happy Planners. I use these premium covers for all my current Happy Planners.

Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas



Keep it all together! The Happy Planner has folders that coordinate and organizes your stuff. Folders come in the mini, classic, and big size. You can find these folders at Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby for about $7.99.

Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas

Sticky Notes


Sticky Notes. Need I say more? They are a must and the perfect accessory for any Happy Planner. They are perfect for forward planning, pre-planning, and little reminders (that’s what I use them for). If you are looking to purchase page flags, I see them in the Crafty Rose Emporium store.

Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas
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DECEMBER OFFER – Free Shipping!

To Celebrate Crafty Rose Emporium’s Re-Grand Opening, I am offering free shipping for the rest of December. At checkout, enter the discount code GRANDOPEN. There is no minimum or maximum purchase. Limit one per customer. Offer expires on December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm. Click here to shop!

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CRE Has Outgrown It’s eBay Store…


Hello Planner Peeps,

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Crafty Rose Emporium is officially moving from eBay to its own online store through Shopify.

Currently, I am moving over all of the inventory listed on eBay to Shopify. You can still shop the eBay store for another week or so before I shut down the eBay store completely. I will send out an announcement when the eBay store is officially closed. Stayed tuned! 🙂

Happy Crafty, my friends!




I’m BACK! Where Have I Been?


Hello Crafty Friends! I know it has been FOREVER since I posted a blog. “Where have I been?” you ask. I figured I would share a little bit about what I have been up to the past couple of months.

In July, my organization had branched off from their parent/sister companies to become its own entity. I was also promoted to Director. Since then, I have been busy with revamping the organization and building the organization up. Since then, everything thing seems to be going well.

September, October, and November were busy and emotional months for me. Work,  family obligations, and dealing with the loss of one of my dogs kept me away from my blog and online business. Looking back now, I should have made some time for my business and not neglect it.

Now that December is here, I am back and ready to write new content for the blog and list up a ton of brand new items into my store. I will also be posting a discount code on my Facebook this week for 50% of one item.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Craftly Yours,