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CRE Has Outgrown It’s eBay Store…


Hello Planner Peeps,

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Crafty Rose Emporium is officially moving from eBay to its own online store through Shopify.

Currently, I am moving over all of the inventory listed on eBay to Shopify. You can still shop the eBay store for another week or so before I shut down the eBay store completely. I will send out an announcement when the eBay store is officially closed. Stayed tuned! 🙂

Happy Crafty, my friends!




I’m BACK! Where Have I Been?


Hello Crafty Friends! I know it has been FOREVER since I posted a blog. “Where have I been?” you ask. I figured I would share a little bit about what I have been up to the past couple of months.

In July, my organization had branched off from their parent/sister companies to become its own entity. I was also promoted to Director. Since then, I have been busy with revamping the organization and building the organization up. Since then, everything thing seems to be going well.

September, October, and November were busy and emotional months for me. Work,  family obligations, and dealing with the loss of one of my dogs kept me away from my blog and online business. Looking back now, I should have made some time for my business and not neglect it.

Now that December is here, I am back and ready to write new content for the blog and list up a ton of brand new items into my store. I will also be posting a discount code on my Facebook this week for 50% of one item.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Craftly Yours,



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The Happy Planner Series: Basic Components

Hello, my crafty friends! This will be my first installment in my The Happy Planner Series. I hope that this series will be helpful to you if you are considering a new way to plan or for those who are new to the whole planning thing.

There are so many planner brands out there. Personally, I have used a Filofax, a Travelers Notebook, and the Recollections Planner in the past. I have finally found my ‘planner peace’ with The Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas (a.k.a MAMBI). I like how to The Happy Planner is decorative yet very functional for me. The Happy Planner comes in three different sizes: Mini, Classic, and Large. There are also many different colorful accessories that can be used so The Happy Planner is personalized to your liking.

Here are the basic components of the MAMBI’s The Happy Planner:

1/Rings  – The rings (binding system) is what makes The Happy Planner unique. The rings are what you call discs. These discs require a unique hole punch and hold the inserts of the planner together. The discs come in various sizes: mini (.75 in), medium (1.25 in), large-expander (1.75 in). The discs also come in a variety of colors.


Picture source:

2/Cover – The Happy Planner comes in a variety of designs, colors, and themes. The basic covers are laminated and hole-punched. You can purchase additional covers if you crave constant changes. If you want a more professional look, you can purchase a premium binder-like cover. These premium covers come in a variety of colors and they come in mini, classic, and large sizes.


Picture source: Me & My Big Ideas

3/Inserts – The Happy Planner planning inserts come in two different formats: horizontal and vertical. Personally, I enjoy the vertical layout because there is more room for me to write and use my functional planning stickers. However, the layout is personal preference. The Happy Planner also has additional inserts that can be purchased such as am an hourly format, notes pages, budget inserts, and home planner inserts. These additional inserts come in the mini, classic, and large sizes.


Picture source: Me and My Big Ideas

And that’s all she wrote for this first installment of my Happy Planner Series. Please look out for the next installment in the next few weeks. Happy planning! Happy Crafting!


Have a ton of Washi? Here are 10 ideas to use Washi.


Hello. My name is Rosaline…and I am a washi tape addict. If there was a support group for washi tape addicts, I would be a member. LOL.

For those who don’t know what washi tape is…let me give a little background on these colorful, wonderful jems. Washi tape originally comes from Japan and is known as “masking tape.”These “masking tapes” are made of natural fibers (such as bamboo) or from native Japanese trees. In the United States, “masking tape” is known as washi tape. Washi tape comes in a variety of width sizes (very thing to think), textures (such as smooth, matte, and glitter), colors, and there are even some that are laser cut into designs.

I have over 200 washi tapes in my collection. I have found numerous ways to use washi tape. I would like to share some of those ways now. Enjoy! Happy Crafting!

1: Paperclip Page Flags


Paperclip page flags are easy to make. They go great in planners and for organizing all your papers. I use these paperclips to color code documents pertaining to the Crafty Rose Emporium business. To make these cuties: Take your favorite washi (I suggest using the regular width washi), wrap it around the longer part of the paperclip, and cut a triangle at the end. It’s the simple! 🙂

2: Deck Out your Computer Keyboard

download (3)


This project might be a little more challenging but I found it to be a lot fun. Find 1 or 2 of your favorite washi tapes (preferably ones with multi designs on it —such as the picture above). Start cutting down the washi tape to size and stick away! If it helps, you can take a black sharpie marker (anything that won’t smear) and write the letters and symbols on top of the washi.

3: Organize your cords

download (1)


This is how I organize all my cords at home. So convenient and I love the pops of color! This idea is also great for labeling all those charging cards that we all have.

5: Make a colorful garland/banner

download (4)


Grab your favorite colorful washi tapes and twine/string…and go to town!  These garlands are great for birthday parties and decorations. I’ve used washi tape garlands to decorate packages and gifts.

6: Cover your laptop



This is a fun project to do! It’s simple and quick. Take some of your favorite washi tapes and start making a design on the cover of your laptop (or the back of you tablet). There is no right or wrong way to do this. The designs are endless!

7: Decorate your notebook/binder



This idea is simple and fun to do. Take any of boring notebook or binder and transform it into your own piece of colorful art.

8: Colorful Picture Frames

images (1)


When I buy wooden picture frames I decorate them with paint and washi tape. The designs and colors are endless! This project is a great project for children of all ages.

9: Jazz up a candle 



This project is very simple. Take a few of your favorite washi tapes and some candles (all different sized candles work). You wrap the candle completely or you can leave gaps. It is entirely up to you!

10: Design your Own Phone Case

download (2)


This idea is just as simple as the washi tape notebook/binder. The color schemes and themes are endless. Be creative! My latest washi tape phone case was unicorn themed!